Toyota Super Bowl Commercial 2018: Good Odds – The Ultimate Ad Breakdown

The Toyota Super Bowl Commercial 2018, titled “Good Odds,” captivated audiences with its powerful message of determination and resilience. This emotionally-charged ad shed light on the incredible journey of Lauren Woolstencroft, a Paralympic athlete who overcame overwhelming odds to become a champion. In just one sentence, Toyota’s commercial beautifully encapsulated the theme of triumph in the face of adversity.

With stunning visuals and an inspiring narrative, Toyota successfully conveyed the essence of their brand values through this Super Bowl commercial. By showcasing Woolstencroft’s remarkable story and her ability to overcome obstacles, they highlighted their commitment to pushing boundaries and empowering individuals to achieve greatness. The Toyota Super Bowl Commercial 2018 stands as a testament to both the indomitable human spirit and the unwavering belief that anything is possible with determination and good odds.

Background of Toyota Super Bowl Commercials

  • Toyota has a long history of creative and memorable commercials during the Super Bowl, captivating audiences with their innovative ads.
  • The first-ever Toyota Super Bowl commercial aired in 2004, titled “Can’t Touch This,” featuring the popular song by MC Hammer. It showcased the durability and reliability of Toyota vehicles.
  • In subsequent years, Toyota continued to impress viewers with their engaging commercials that often featured a mix of humor, emotion, and storytelling.
  • One notable ad was the 2012 commercial called “It’s Reinvented.” It introduced the all-new Camry model through an action-packed chase scene filled with excitement and surprises.
  • Another remarkable commercial came in 2015 when Toyota used its Super Bowl spot to promote awareness about domestic violence. The powerful ad portrayed how one phone call can make a difference and offered support for victims through their partnership with RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network).
YearCommercial TitleKey Message
2004Can’t Touch ThisShowcasing durability and reliability
2012It’s ReinventedIntroducing all-new Camry model
2015Domestic Violence PSAPromoting awareness about domestic violence
  1. Over the years, these commercials have helped build brand recognition for Toyota while also delivering important messages or highlighting new products.
  2. The creativity displayed in these ads has consistently grabbed viewer attention during one of the most-watched television events of the year – the Super Bowl.
  3. With millions of eyes glued to their screens during this annual sports extravaganza, advertisers like Toyota strive to create memorable moments that resonate long after game day.

Toyota‘s commitment to producing high-quality commercials is evident through their impressive track record at capturing audience interest while effectively conveying key messages. By combining creativity, storytelling, and relevance to social issues, Toyota has established a strong presence in the Super Bowl commercial landscape.

The Concept Behind the 2018 Commercial

  • Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial for 2018, titled “Good Odds,” was a powerful and inspiring concept that aimed to celebrate the indomitable spirit of one remarkable athlete.
  1. The Story: The commercial revolved around Lauren Woolstencroft, an eight-time Paralympic gold medalist skier who overcame tremendous odds to achieve greatness in her sport. The ad showcased her incredible journey from infancy, where she was born without legs below the knee and no left arm, to becoming a world-class athlete.
  2. Inspiration: The concept behind the commercial was to highlight how Toyota believes that when we are free to move, anything is possible. It aimed to inspire viewers by showcasing Woolstencroft’s unwavering determination and resilience in pursuing her dreams despite facing significant physical challenges.
  3. Symbolism: Throughout the ad, various scenes depicted important milestones in Woolstencroft’s life – learning how to walk with prosthetics as a child, conquering slopes on skis, standing on podiums as an Olympic champion – all symbolizing her triumph over adversity and demonstrating Toyota’s commitment towards mobility for all individuals.
  4. Emotional Appeal: By focusing on Woolstencroft’s personal story rather than directly promoting their vehicles or services, Toyota aimed at creating an emotional connection with audiences. It sought not only to raise brand awareness but also touch people’s hearts and leave a lasting impact beyond just another car commercial.
  5. Inclusivity Message: Another underlying message of this commercial was inclusivity; it showed that everyone deserves equal opportunities regardless of physical limitations or disabilities. This resonated strongly with viewers by emphasizing the importance of embracing diversity and fostering empowerment within society.

Toyota’s “Good Odds” Super Bowl commercial successfully conveyed its core message through storytelling and evocative visuals while showcasing their dedication towards promoting mobility and inspiring individuals to overcome obstacles in their lives.

Good Odds: A Heartwarming Story

  • The Toyota Super Bowl Commercial 2018 titled “Good Odds” tells a heartwarming story that captures the essence of determination and resilience.
  • Inspired by the true story of Canadian Paralympic skier Lauren Woolstencroft, this ad aims to uplift and inspire viewers.

In a visually captivating manner, the commercial takes us through the journey of Lauren’s life:

  1. Introduction: The commercial starts with a young girl playing in the snow, showcasing her love for skiing at an early age.
  2. Diagnosis: It then reveals that Lauren was born without legs below her knees but never let it hinder her aspirations.
  3. Training: The ad shows how she persevered through intense training sessions, pushing herself to become stronger both physically and mentally.
  4. Challenges: Despite facing numerous challenges on her path to success, such as falls and injuries during practice runs, Lauren always got back up with unwavering determination.
  5. Triumphs: Through sheer dedication and hard work, we witness Lauren conquering various competitions while representing Canada on an international stage as a Paralympic athlete.
  6. Inspiration: The commercial concludes by emphasizing that despite having odds stacked against her from birth, nothing could stop Lauren from achieving greatness.

With its powerful storytelling approach combined with stunning visuals and emotional background music, this Toyota commercial effectively communicates their brand values of strength and resilience.

By showcasing the incredible journey of a remarkable individual like Lauren Woolstencroft, Toyota successfully highlights their commitment to supporting athletes who overcome adversity.

This heartwarming story serves as an inspiration not only for aspiring athletes but also for anyone striving to achieve their goals despite facing significant obstacles in life.

Overall, “Good Odds” is more than just a car advertisement; it is a testament to human spirit and perseverance that resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

Good Odds

Celebrity Involvement in the Commercial

In the Toyota Super Bowl Commercial 2018 “Good Odds”, several celebrities were featured, adding star power to the advertisement. Here are some noteworthy celebrity appearances:

  1. Lauren Woolstencroft: The commercial prominently features Paralympic athlete Lauren Woolstencroft, who is a multi-gold medalist skier with physical disabilities. Her inspiring story and achievements align perfectly with the message of overcoming challenges that Toyota aimed to convey.
  2. Mohammed Ali: Renowned boxing legend Mohammed Ali makes a special appearance in archival footage, reminding viewers of his iconic legacy as both an athlete and an advocate for social change.
  3. Amy Purdy: Accomplished snowboarder and Paralympian Amy Purdy also appears in the commercial, showcasing her remarkable skills while emphasizing resilience and determination.
  4. Evelyn Glennie: As one of the world’s leading percussionists, Evelyn Glennie brings her musical talents to enhance the emotional impact of the advertisement through her powerful drumming performance.
  5. Abby Wambach: Former professional soccer player Abby Wambach joins forces with other female athletes to demonstrate their strength and determination on and off the field.

The inclusion of these diverse celebrities amplifies Toyota’s commitment toward inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment by highlighting individuals who have overcome adversity while achieving greatness in their respective fields.

Celebrities FeaturedRole
Lauren WoolstencroftParalympic Athlete
Mohammed AliArchival Footage
Amy PurdyParalympian Snowboarder
Evelyn GlenniePercussionist
Abby WambachFormer Professional Soccer Player

By featuring such renowned figures from various backgrounds, Toyota successfully delivers a powerful message that resonates with audiences worldwide: regardless of the odds, determination and perseverance can lead to triumph. The celebrity involvement in this commercial serves as a testament to Toyota’s commitment to supporting individuals who defy expectations and inspire others.

Reception and Impact of the Commercial

  • The Toyota Super Bowl Commercial 2018 “Good Odds” received widespread acclaim for its powerful message and emotional storytelling.
  • It generated a significant amount of buzz on social media platforms, with viewers praising the commercial’s positive and inspiring tone.
  • Many people were moved by the story of Lauren Woolstencroft, a Paralympic skier who overcame immense challenges to achieve greatness.
  • The commercial resonated with audiences due to its universal themes of perseverance, determination, and triumph over adversity.
  • According to Nielsen ratings, the commercial was viewed by an estimated 100 million people during the Super Bowl broadcast.
– Memorable storytelling– Some viewers found it too emotional
– Positive brand association– A few critics accused it of being manipulative
  1. The “Good Odds” commercial had a significant impact on Toyota’s brand perception, reinforcing their commitment to inclusivity and celebrating human achievement.
  2. It increased awareness about Paralympic sports among mainstream audiences and sparked conversations about disability representation in advertising.
  3. The ad helped elevate Toyota’s reputation as a socially responsible corporation that supports diversity and empowers individuals to overcome obstacles.

Overall, the reception towards Toyota’s Super Bowl Commercial 2018 “Good Odds” was overwhelmingly positive. Its emotionally compelling narrative struck a chord with viewers and successfully conveyed Toyota’s values while raising awareness about para-sports.

Analyzing the Marketing Strategy behind Toyota’s Super Bowl Ads

Toyota has consistently utilized the Super Bowl platform to showcase their brand and engage with a massive audience. Let’s delve into the marketing strategy behind Toyota’s Super Bowl ads and examine how they effectively leverage this high-profile event:

  1. Emotional Appeal: Toyota understands that connecting with viewers on an emotional level is crucial for successful advertising. Their Super Bowl commercials often feature heartwarming stories, inspiring messages, or relatable experiences that resonate with audiences.
  2. Brand Recognition: By investing in Super Bowl ads, Toyota aims to increase brand recognition and awareness among millions of viewers worldwide. The widespread exposure enables them to reinforce their position as a leading automotive manufacturer.
  3. Product Showcasing: While creating emotional connections, Toyota also ensures their products are prominently featured in their Super Bowl commercials. They strategically highlight key features, innovations, or new models to generate interest among potential customers.
  4. Celebrity Endorsements: Collaborating with well-known celebrities adds star power and credibility to Toyota’s commercials during the Super Bowl broadcast. This enhances brand perception and captures attention in a cluttered advertising environment.
  5. Social Media Integration: To maximize engagement beyond TV screens, Toyota incorporates social media elements into its advertisements aired during the game. Viewers are encouraged to participate in online conversations using specific hashtags or by sharing related content on various platforms.
  6. Teaser Campaigns: Building anticipation before the big game is another effective strategy employed by Toyota prior to airing their commercial during the Super Bowl broadcast. Teaser campaigns generate buzz and curiosity around what viewers can expect from their ad spot.
  7. Long-term Brand Association: By consistently participating in the annual event over several years, Toyota has established a long-term association between its brand and the excitement surrounding the Super Bowl itself — making it an anticipated part of each year’s advertising lineup.

In conclusion, through emotional storytelling, brand recognition, strategic product showcasing, celebrity endorsements, social media integration, teaser campaigns, and long-term brand association, Toyota’s marketing strategy for Super Bowl ads effectively captures attention while reinforcing their position in the automotive industry.

Looking Forward to Future Toyota Super Bowl Commercials

Here are some reasons why we can’t wait for future Toyota Super Bowl commercials:

  1. Innovative storytelling: Toyota has consistently delivered captivating and innovative commercials during the Super Bowl, leaving us excited about what they will come up with next.
  2. Emotional connection: Toyota’s past Super Bowl commercials have successfully struck an emotional chord with viewers, making us eager to see how they will tug at our heartstrings in the future.
  3. Celebrity collaborations: The brand has a track record of collaborating with well-known celebrities in their ads, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for their upcoming Super Bowl campaigns.
  4. Cutting-edge technology showcases: With Toyota being at the forefront of automotive technology, it’s always intriguing to see how they integrate these advancements into their advertisements on one of the biggest stages in advertising.
  5. Surprising twists and turns: Over the years, Toyota has surprised us with unexpected plot twists and clever surprises in their Super Bowl commercials. We can’t help but wonder what surprises await us in future ads!
  6. Social media buzz: Each year, social media platforms light up during the game as people discuss and share their favorite commercials. Given Toyota’s ability to create memorable moments, we eagerly anticipate joining those conversations when their next commercial airs.
  7. Positive brand perception: Through its thoughtfully crafted messages and impactful storytelling techniques, Toyota has managed to establish a positive brand image through its previous Super Bowl commercials—making us look forward to witnessing more unforgettable moments from them.

Remember: Stay tuned for updates as we approach each new edition of the big game!


In conclusion, Toyota’s Super Bowl commercial for 2018 titled “Good Odds” is a powerful and inspiring advertisement that showcases the determination and resilience of Paralympic athlete Lauren Woolstencroft. The commercial effectively communicates Toyota’s commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and supporting individuals with disabilities.

Through compelling storytelling and emotional visuals, the commercial highlights Woolstencroft’s journey from childhood to becoming an accomplished Paralympian. By focusing on her accomplishments rather than her disability, Toyota sends a clear message about breaking barriers and overcoming challenges. This aligns perfectly with their brand values of pushing boundaries and embracing diversity.

Furthermore, the use of active voice throughout the commercial adds strength and impact to the narrative. It emphasizes how Woolstencroft took control of her own destiny despite facing odds that seemed insurmountable. The ad successfully engages viewers by evoking emotions such as inspiration, admiration, and empowerment.

Overall, Toyota’s “Good Odds” Super Bowl commercial effectively delivers its message while promoting inclusivity in a captivating manner. By showcasing the incredible achievements of Lauren Woolstencroft, it reminds us all that with determination and perseverance we can conquer any obstacles we encounter in life.

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